Technical Interventions-Bareilly

Technology up-gradation is the focal point for providing over all technological up-gradation services to producers of Indian Handicrafts and will work for developing international markets. Common Facility Centre(CFC) is a small and captive facility centre at different block levels. These centres have been set up/ being set up where there is a production clusters and can be used by the artisans, master craft persons, SHGs, NGOs or other beneficiaries.
These CFCs, shall be set up with the technical expertise of SPV and as per the specified terms and conditions.

Distribution & Improved Tool Kits at Bareilly, 2016

18th March, 2016


Two Common Facility Centres have been set up at Bareilly Mega Cluster.

(a) AASMA Social Development Society

(b) Ram Mohan Memorial Public School Samiti