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Mega Cluster Kachchh is in the state of Gujarat. Gujarat is a beautiful state of India, and is well known for its rich tradition and culture. The history and cultural practices of this State have sustained all odds.
The crafts of Kachchh are deeply integrated into the lifestyle of the communities who practice and utilize them; in addition to serving as a means of earning and employment, they are also a creative expression of each community`s distinct cultural life and identity. The exclusive handworks exhibit the craftsmanship of the people. These works are quite famous all over the world. The craftsmen still follow the conventional method in designing their art work, and this is what makes their work quite unique. The handicraft industry in Gujarat has contributed to the economic development of the state. Some of their craftwork includes metal work, jewelleries, hand and machine embroidery works, clay items, furniture, handmade durries or carpets, and stone crafts. Jamnagar another city of Gujarat is quite popular for its brass industry.

  • Khawada
  • Ajrakpur
  • Zura
  • Mundra
  • Lakhnau
  • Sanjog Nagar
  • Leather
  • Wood
  • Ajrak Print
  • Bell Metal
  • Embroidery
  • Bandhani