Awareness Programme at Lucknow Mega Cluster

Nehru Yuva Kendra, Lucknow

HMCM organized one day camp on the occasion of Ambedkar Jayanti on 14.04.2017 in each Bareilly, Lucknow and Bhuj Mega Cluster.

The following activities are to be carried out in the Camps:-

* Distributiins of Tool Kits to SC category artisans

* Dowonloading of BHIM applications in artisans mobile and educating them how to use it with the help and assistance of bank officals.

Nehru Yuva Kendra, Lucknow
14 April 2017

Two Days Awareness Campaign On Loan Under PM Mudra Yojna Scheme For Artisans/Craft Persons & Entrepreneurs At Lucknow Mega Cluster On 8th & 9th June 2016

With an objective to provide awareness on the Loan Under PM Mudra Yojna Scheme to the artisans/craft persons, HMCM organized two days awareness campaign at Lucknow Mega Cluster on 8th & 9th June 2016, Lucknow. The experts from Bank given clarifications on the constraints being faced by the artisans on the procedures for submission of application, details of documents required, preparation of Detailed report etc..

UPMKN, Lucknow
8th & 9th June, 2016

Awareness Programme at Lucknow Mega Cluster in Chinhat Block

To disseminate various interventions of HMCM to the local artisans staying in various villages of Lucknow, HMCM organized Awareness Programme from 28 – 30 January, 2016 in Chinhat Block. This Awareness Programme will cover Ganeshpur, Rehmanpur Matiyari, Matiyari, Chinhat, Shahpur, Semra, Utterdhona, Anora Kela, Chota Anora, Bada Anora, Lalpurwa, Papnamau, Bharwara, Dharma, Nobasta, Ghuheliya, Goyla), Malesemau, Khargapur, Strikh, Hallupur, Narendi, Lolai, Amrai, Tarakpurwa, Dhokalpur, Pipri, Saipur, Gari, Randua, Emliha, Nijampur, Malhor, Juggor, Indiranagar, Chatena, Saraiya, Takhawa, Beda, Bharwara, Kathota, Bastoli, Baghamau, Khurdahi, Ujriao, Digdiga, Shankarpur, Gwari villages of Chinhat block. Mr. Indresh Kumar and all the designers of HMCM represented the local people of the said villages.

It is seen that most of the artisans of Lucknow do not know about Handicraft Mega Cluster Mission Schemes. Awareness Programme at Lucknow will provide a vast platform to make the artisans understand about various interventions of HMCM like Soft Skill Training, Technical Training, Design and Product Development Workshop, Terms & Conditions for setting up of a Common Facility Centre, how they can apply and what are the eligibility criteria. Through awareness programme artisans will be motivated and can apply in these schemes which in turn enhance their skills of handicrafts.

Chinhat block
28th January to 30th January, 2016